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Your Colorado Springs Radon Resource Portal

With Radon Becoming more and more of a concern for several reasons you and your family need a Radon Resource in Colorado Springs

What types of Radon concerns in Colorado Springs are we talking about?

Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer, Second only to smoking

Radon is an invisible, tasteless gas. You can't detect it by smell or sight. You need to test!

Radon problems in Colorado Springs can be fixed! You have to get your home, business or school tested and find out your current Radon Levels.

Who can & should Perform a Radon Test in Colorado Springs and El Paso County?

Well, quite frankly*anyone can*. You should use a qualified radon professional. One who has *no conflict of interest* in their testing and remediation activities. Currently, I'm not aware of any laws in Colorado, Colorado Springs or El Paso County in regards to this.

Are there any Laws or regulations in El Paso County or Colorado Springs in regard to Radon?

Well, not too many. Colorado has no mandatory Radon Testing or Removal programs in regards to this. I suggest contacting Colorado Department of Public Health CDPHE at 1-800-846-3986 for information and test kits.

As it currently stands anyone can mitigate, test or install systems in Colorado Springs. You should ensure that your radon professional uses appropriate materials and systems that are part of the EPA Protocols at minimum.

What should I do as a Homeowner or home buyer?

Well, first of all, have your home tested. Radon levels are elevated in many areas of Colorado, including the Springs. I suggest only using Radon Mitigation professionals who are familiar with EPA Protocols. A professional should discuss with you a "Plan of Action" if you will.

How is Radon Removed from my Colorado Springs Home or Business?

Through various tried and true EPA published methods. Sub Slab depressurization, crawlspace radon removal methods are numerous as well. You can learn more by visiting the EPA Radon Website

Is Electrical Work being Performed on your Radon Mitigation System in El Paso County and Colorado Springs?

If so... here's the deal. Low Voltage systems are generally OK for a non electrician to install. If *new* electrical and/or outlets are being installed, ensure a Licensed Electrician is performing your work! Contact El Paso County Building and Safety for more information (719) 327-2880.

Low Voltage Radon Mitigation Systems can be purchased through a local Colorado Springs Supplier, called RADON PDS @ 1-800-688-5776 <- I am *not* affiliated with them, just a referral. 

In closing, the mission of this page is to educate the public and inform where I can! Colorado Springs, I sure do miss ya! Folks, make sure to test your homes for Radon, remove or mitigate it if you have to. Be proactive!